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This Cucumber and Garlic blend works on Skin naturally more than a Photoshop

This Cucumber and Garlic Blend Works on Skin Naturally More than a Photoshop

Today in this article I'm going to look at the benefits of cucumber and garlic blend on the skin.

Here are the topics  we shall cover:


•Introduction to Garlic and Cucumber
• Uses of Garlic and Cucumber on Skin
• How to Make Cucumber and Garlic Blend
• Benefits of Garlic and Cucumber on the skin
• Conclusion

Many ladies nowadays invest huge amount of money to buy Skin care products while forgetting the benefits of some good natural plants products which naturally edit skin more than a Photoshop.

The use natural plants products are very cheap and are proved to be very effective than some of the expensive beauty care products.

Take a close look at the image below before we dive deeply into the benefits of cucumber and garlic on the skin. 


Cucumber and Garlic are among the few amazing plants products that are high in beneficial nutrients, vitamins and low in calories.

Cucumber is enriched with high vitamin k which is essential for skin regeneration, and also contains a reasonable amount of vitamin C useful for blood cells formation.

Cucumber is high in antioxidants and these are useful in reduction of free radicals and malignant cells growth.

While Garlic is specific among plants, recognised with its distinct unpleasant odour, however the benefits of garlic are quite numerous.

 Some people limit the benefits of garlic as a flavouring agent, however its benefit is quite beyond that.

It is an effective agent in the treatment of many cardiovascular diseases, respiratory and reproductive diseases.

Garlic is found to treat infertility, hair loss, wrinkles and breast cancer. Garlic is also found to boost immune system and monitor sugar level in diabetic patients.

Uses of Garlic and Cucumber on the skin:

•They are found to inhibit malignant cells growth, thereby fighting skin cancers.

• Garlic is found to monitor the fat synthesis in the body, thereby reducing  body weight.

• They contain high amount of antioxidants which help in the reduction of reactive oxygen species.

• They help in the treatment of breast cancer.

• They help in the treatment of abdominal and menstrual cramps.

• They act as antiseptics and antibiotics, which prevent against  microbial and bacterial growth on the skin.

How to Make Cucumber and Garlic Blend

The following ingredients and materials are required:


•Clean Containers
• Grater, Blender or any other clean grinding machine
• Knife
• Cup
• Clean water


• Garlic
• Cucumber
• Honey

Measure half a cup of garlic bulbs into a separate container.

Prepare the garlic by removing all the epidermal peels around the garlic bulbs and cloves.

Then put them inside a clean water. This will prevent the garlic from attracting microorganisms.

Then when you finish with the garlic,

Cut three Cucumbers into slice. Grate or blend the slice of Cucumbers and half cup of the garlic in a blender.

Blend them until you obtain a liquid paste.

Transfer this blend or liquid paste into a clean container and add honey.

 Drink this  blend two to three times a day. And repeat this process for two to three times a week.

You can make it your favourite drink that is you can  continue to drink  it for life. It is just like a normal drink or food.

 It is important to pay special attention to the amount of garlic. 

Benefits of Garlic and Cucumber on the Skin:

• This blend can make your skin glows naturally.

• This blend is a natural antiseptic.

• The blend is a natural sunscreen, which prevents your skin from sun radiation.

• It is used to treat and prevent breast, cervical and brain cancers. This means that it can promote skin and hair growth.

• It was found to reduce high cholesterol in the body.

• It was found to remove death skin cells.

• It promotes skin cells regeneration.


Cucumber and garlic blend is one of the best herbal concoction essential for the treatment of infertility, diabetes, weight loss, hair and skin growth.

 This concoction is also good for the treatment of menstrual problems, ulcer and heart diseases.

Give it a try and let me know your experience.

If you find this article helpful don't forget to share it, many people are waiting for information like this.


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