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How to Choose the Right Essential Oils Combination

How to choose the right essential oils combination
Maceration method
Essential oils are by far the most used and important plants products in our daily lives. They are used in almost all aspects of our lives such as in medicine, herbal supplements, pharmaceutical industries, soap production, Body cream production, Body Scrub, Perfume production and many more.

However, how to choose the right essential  oils combination remains a question to some people.

Essential oils They are obtained from plants either by steam or methanol distillation.

Alternatively, the oils can be extracted locally using a carrier oil like Coconut oil, Jajoba oil or Olive oil.

The plants materials will be soaked in a carrier oils, which will then be allowed to stay in the oils for some  reasonable period of time.

 After this time, the oil will be drained or sieved into a separate clean container using a fine filter paper or coffee filter.

This method of extraction using a carrier oil is called maceration or infusion…