How to Choose the Right Essential Oils Combination

How to choose the right essential oils combination

Essential oils are by far the most used and important plants products in our daily lives. They are used in almost all aspects of our lives such as in medicine, herbal supplements, pharmaceutical industries, soap production, Body cream production, Body Scrub, Perfume production and many more.

However, how to choose the right essential  oils combination remains a question to some people.

Essential oils

They are obtained from plants either by steam or methanol distillation.

Alternatively, the oils can be extracted locally using a carrier oil like Coconut oil, Jajoba oil or Olive oil.

The plants materials will be soaked in a carrier oils, which will then be allowed to stay in the oils for some  reasonable period of time.

 After this time, the oil will be drained or sieved into a separate clean container using a fine filter paper or coffee filter.

This method of extraction using a carrier oil is called maceration or infusion.

Both maceration and distillation aimed to extract the basic or essential compositions or compounds of the target plant in form of oil, and hence the name Essential oil.

Now, the question is,  how to choose the right essential oils combination? 

It is believed that essential oils are quite useful additives, but one has to pay special attention to the types of essential oil he/she wants to use.

You need to understand your skin type at the first place before you try to combine any essential oil.

Is your skin sensitive or nonsensitive?

 Is your skin dry or oily?

If you are having a sensitive and dry skin, you cannot use essential oils of citrus, lemon, grapefruit and olive because they may end up causing you various skin diseases such as itching, irritation and inflammation. They can also make your skin to look rough or very dried.

For someone who is having sensitive and dry skin, he needs to choose essential oils like coconut essential oil, jajoba essential oil, chamomile essential oil, frankincense essential oil or garlic essential oil and so on.

It is sometimes safer for someone that has an oily and non sensitive skin to use any kind of essential oils because his skin is like a universal recipient.

However, care needs to be taking, this is because if you are having oil skin and you use essential oils that contain high amount of polysaturated fatty acids such as Coconut oil, these oils may increase the chance of bacterial growth on your skin, and when bacteria and other microieganisms establish your skin, they  can cause  various diseases to your skin such as acne, skin odour and other diseases.

As someone with oily skin, You need to choose essential oils like Olive oil and Rosemary oil to mention but few.

Why Olive oil is good for OILY SKIN People?

Research demonstrated that olive oil contains low amount of polysaturated fatty acids such as palmitic and stearic acid and high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic acids.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids are volatile in nature and so they can't stay onto the skin for long time.

They evaporate or absorb into the epidermal pores of the skin so  easily, serving as conditioners.

Because of this low polyusaturated fatty acids, olive oil is widely employed in the treatment of acne skin.

Acne is a skin disease caused by bacterial infection usually characterized with blemish pattern and red pimples on the face due to the inflammation of the sebaceous gland.

This shows that oily skin promotes bacterial growth and other microorganisms.

Why Coconut oil is good for DRY SKIN People?

Coconut oil was also found to contain high amount of polyusaturated fatty acids such as palmitic, stearic, myristic, lauric and capric acids and low amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Unlike the oleic and linoleic acids, these polyusaturated fatty acids are less volatile.

They can withstand a reasonable amount of heat without evaporating or breaking into smaller fragments.

They absorb moisture from the  surrounding environment.

And is because of this reason coconut oil is used or recommended to people with dry skin as a moisturizing agent. Coconut oil turns dry skin into a moist and oily skin when used or applied on the skin regularly by  the dry skin people.

Perfect Essential oils Combination

A perfect essential oils combination is one which is specifically blended to a specific target users(such as dry or oily skin) and to serve a specific purpose,  and the selection of individual oil is base on medically calculated knowledge.

Below are some few perfect essential oils combination:

Lavender and Rose flower essential oil

The combination of Rose flower essential oil and Lavender is in itself essential because the aroma alone from this blend is aroma-therapeutic. It is used in aromatherapy for mood balancing and as massage oil to lower inflammation.

This blend can be used by both sensitive and nonsensitive skin people.

 However it is  not recommended for a nonsensitive skin people due to the mild irritation effect of lavender.

In order to make a massage oil, measure 2% Lavender essential oil and 3% rose flower essential oil of the total weight of your carrier oil such as olive oil for oily skin and coconut oil for dry skin.

For instance, let say  you want to produce 500g of massage oil.

The calculation goes like this:

For 2% Lavender essential oil,

You need = 2/100 × 500
                  = 10g lavender essential oil

And for Rose flower essential,

You need = 3/100 × 500
                  = 15g Rose flower essential oil

Therefore, for 500g of your carrier oil, you need 10g and 15g of Lavender essential oil and Rose flower essential oil respectively.

Frankincense essential oil and Chamomile essential oil

This is a perfect blend for sensitive skin people.

It can also be used by young people. Infact chamomile essential oil is recommended to be used in beauty skincare products targeted for young babies.

This blend of Frankincense and Chamomile essential oils is perfect in the treatment of skin irritation, inflammation, menstrual cramps and skin ageing.

Measure 3% frankincense essential oil and 3% chamomile essential oil of the total weight of your carrier oil.

Let me try to site an example here also:

Assuming you want to make a 1000g  salt or sugar body scrub.


You need = 3/100  × 1000
                 = 30g frankincense essential oil

And you also need 30g of Chamomile essential oil, since both Chamomile essential oil and Frankincense essential oil have the same percentages.

Therefore, for 1000g of sugar or salt, you need to combine 30g of both chamomile essential oil and frankincense essential oil in your body scrub.

As You can see, I avoid using drops as my measurement, this is because using cup, spoon, drops and volume are not recommended in cosmetics.

It is a good practice to measure all your ingredients in weight and as a percentage. This will prevent you from making mistakes and having errors.

 And if you want to make another copy, you can do that easily.

 And if you want to also decrease or increase the amount of your product, you only need to make some adjustment and you are good to go.

Because you already know the total weight you want to have as your finished product and the percentages of your individual ingredients.

Grapefruit essential oil and Olive oil

Another common and yet important blend for oily skin people is grapefruit and Olive oils.

Both olive and grapefruit essential oils reduce the production of sebum, and the same time fight against reactive oxygen species.

You need 3% of Grapefruit essential oil to make this blend.

The percentages of essential oils I used here in this post are the  recommended percentages, because essential oils are very concentrated, however one can go below or slightly above this amount but care needs to be taken and medical advice.


While choosing essential oils it is important to know the type of your skin.

 This is not only restricted to essential oils but all food and beverages, pharmaceutical products and cosmetic products. These products in one way or the other contain one or more essential oils.

This is the reason why some fashionable ladies end up having a damaged face.

Because they fail to understand which products are perfect for their skins or bodies.

In cosmetics you don't look at the money of the products.

You look at the ingredients from which the product is made.

Just because a cosmetics product is too expensive that doesn't mean it is good or perfect for your skin.

First of all study your skin and the general body and find the right products that suit them.


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