Body Weight: The Ultimate Guide to Cholesterol Burn And Gain

Body Weight: The Ultimate Guide to Cholesterol Burn And Gain
Body Weight

    What is body Weight?

    Human body weight can simply be explained as a total Person's mass that is measured on a weighing scale and excludes heavy items located on the person such as wristwatch, shoe, mobile phone.

    Medically, less or more body weight is regarded as an indicator of determining how well an individual is.

    According to Devine formula, an ideal weight for male adult is 50kg and that of female is weighed to be 45.5kg.

    Generally, a body with Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18.5 and 25 can be regarded as a normal body. And a body weight with a Body Mass Index that is lower than 18.5 or more than 25 can be regarded as underweight or overweight respectively. While a body weight of Mass Index of 35 and above can be regarded as an obesity.

    The too much body weight loss or gain can be as result of many factors. Some factors may be prenatal or postnatal influence, while others may be environmental, hormanal, poor lifestyle and poor eating habit.

    Causes of Body weight

    Body weight gain may be caused or attributed to various hormonal imbalance, genetic constitution of an individual,  mutation, poor lifestyle and eating habit.

    Environmental factors and diseases may also play a major role in body weight gain.

    Now, let me try to look at these factors one after the other and see how they contribute to body weight:

    Hormones Imbalance

    Hormones are biological substances synthesized in a special tissues called glands. The main function of hormones is transfer information in a biological system from one tissue to another through a bloodstream.

    High or low secretion of these hormones may lead to what is called hormonal imbalance.

    And one of key player to weight gain in the human body is hormones imbalance. For instance high glucose level in the body was found to be associated with insulin resistance which in turn lead to body wight gain.


    Insulin is a hormone in the biological system that regulates body glucose level in bloodstream. When there is low insulin in blood, more glucose are release in the bloodstream, and when there is more insulin in blood more more glucose will be converted to fats.

    In either way, both low and high insulin production will negatively affect your body weight.


    Hypothyroidism was also associated with body weight gain.

    Hyperthyroidism is the under production of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland and this condition leads to body fatigue and cholesterol accumulation in the bloodstream.

    The accumulated cholesterol and pyruvic acid increase the osmotic pressure of bloodstream and hence more water is absorbed into the bloodstream.
     This also leads to increase in body weight.

    Grhrelin is another important hormone and is at the forefront when it comes to body weight gain or loss. Infact this hormone is commonly called "Hunger hormone".

    Ghrelin helps to trigger to appetite.

    It is produced in the stomach. High production of Ghrelin stimulates overconsumption of foods, which in turn leads to body weight gain.

    Estrogen is another hormone in the body that can contribute to body weight gain or loss.

    Hypersecretion of estrogen was found to cause insulin resistance. When the level of estrogen in the body is high, the production of insulin will be depressed, which in turn leads to high glucose level in the body.

    This leads to weight gain.

    Moreover, during menopause women were found gain weight when the level of estrogen drops. However, a thorough research needs to be made here.


    Cortisol is a hormone in the body which helps in energy distribution to where the energy is needed in the body.

    Moreover, it responses to stimulus like stress.
    This means that the more body is in a state of stress the more cortisol will be produced .

    So when the body is in constant state of stress, more amount of cortisol will be secreted by the body.

    This high production of cortisol also increases the amount of insulin in the body, and hence more glucose than normal are converted into fat.

    This in turn increases visceral fat deposition, stimulate the maturation of cells and ofcourse weight gain.

    Genetic constitution of Individual

    This is a very important part in the human body or animals in general. It contains all the hereditary information which is transfered from parents to thier offsprings.

    In this case, if the parents of an individual have obese genes in their genetic makeup, then there is high probability that their children will be obese.


    Mutation is an abnormality in genes caused by excessive radiations, carcinogens, free radicals, metabolic disorders, prnatal and postnatal influences..

    In this case, an individual may inherit normal genetic makeup from his parents, but because of one or two environmental factors, the genes may be muted.

    Prenatal and postnatal influences may also play role in changing the genetic makeup of an individual. This type of mutation happens during meiosis, When genes are crossing over.

    The mutant gene, the gene that is resulted from mutation, may be obese gene or favor weight gain.

     This makes the affected individual obese.

    According to one study in mice from Boston Children's Hospital found that mutation in mice increases weight gain.

    In this study mice with affected gene (Mrp2) were found to more weight  than their normal counterpart even when they are fed on the same meal.

    Poor Lifestyle

    Poor lifestyle may also contribute greatly to weight gain.

     A person who is not exercing his body or engaging in physical activities may accumulate high amount of cholesterol in his body.

    This cholesterol will be stored in adipose tissue if not used by the body or burn through physical activities and exercise.

    As this cholesterol continue to accumulate in the body overtime, the body will become obese.

    Too much watching of television can also contribute to excess weight gain.

    Poor Eating Habit

    Some people do not have a  limit when it comes to eating. They take anything food which cross their way.

    Eating food with poor balance diet such as unhealthy diets, Red meat, heavy fats food and unhealthy fats and drinks with too much surgery substances such as vegetables, fruits and nuts contribute greatly to weight gain.

    Ideally, under normal conditions, there are various mechanisms in the body that sends message to the brain you are full and you stop eating. However, overconsumption of high fructosefoods, tend to accumulate more fats which later increase left in production.

    This makes the body to become used to leftin, which later makes brain to stop receiving signals to stop eating. This in turn leads to body weight gain.

    Environmental influence

     Environmental factors such as harsh climatic conditions, toxins and lack of safe area for exercing may also play a major role to weight gain.

    These factors indirectly influence weight by changing the normal physiological functions (such as production of hormones and enzymes secretion) of the body.

    For example, toxins stimulates low production of thyroid hormone and low amount of this hormone was found to increase body weight gain. Unfavorable climatic conditions such as high or low temperature can denature the biological structure and functions of enzymes, which invariably affects one or more body physiological functions.

    Disease is an abnormal conditions of body or mind. People with type 1 and 2 Diabetes were found to gain more weight more than normal people.
    Polycystic Ovary syndrome in women  was found to lower estrogen level in the body. This estrogen contains a biochemical substance called estradiol, which control metabolic process in the body.
     So when the level of estradiol drops, the rate of metabolic activities in the body also drops to extent that it will affect the metabolic process of glucose.

    So when the metabolism of glucose is lowered in the body, this leads to increase or too much amount of glucose in blood stream or body, which later leads to increase in body mass.


    Body weight gain is not only the increase of skinfolds and belly fats but also body mass gain can increases the chances of body's exposure to various diseases.

    Below are some of the few and most important diseases that can be caused by Body weight gain:
    1. Cardiovascular Diseases
    2. Hypertension
    3. Hepatitis

    1. 4. Breast Cancer


     Body weight gain is a natural cause however most of the time an increase in body mass is resulted from poor eating habit and lack of good or proper lifestyle.

    In this article I'm going to walk you on how to affectively prevent yourself from gaining unwanted skinfolds, bad cholesterol and body mass.

    You are going to gain some useful insights on how to quickly loss weight.

    Develop Good Eating Habit

    Preventing obesity that can be caused by poor balance diets is so simple.what is needed is to simply monitored your diets. First of all, it is important to note that obesity in the diet is mostly a problem. You should try to make you avoid eating too many sugary, refined or fat foods and always try to give your body low-cholesterol food substances. Your diet should include vegetables, whole grains and fruits. You may want to consider eating some dairy products if you want to consider adding value to diets. Too much food is not healthy for your body, so you should serve it in proportion. Your body needs plenty of water for a better and healthy digestion.

    Develop Good Lifestyle

    It is a general believe that every body with blood needs to rest, however the level of this rest needs also to be properly regulated.
     Too much watching television among others and lack of physical activities were found to significantly increase body mass gain.

    You need to actively participate in healthy exercise like

    How to Loss Body Weight

    Just because you are obese that should not make you to taking pills and some sort of hazardous surgeries.

    There are useful ways to follow, the ways that can help you reduce your weight to minimal level without causing you diseases and loss of money.

    Tea has many advantages over body, stress level and vitality, even in curing real diseases. White, black and green tea have been tried, discussed, and consumed for a long time on this basis, each with an obligatory obligation to its body. However, the newcomer, called Red Tee Detox, considered equivalent, if not more effective, has more persuasive reasons to simplify the best approach he has achieved for many people in shrinking fat cells and maintaining weight loss.

    Below are some of the ways that can affectively help you to loss weight:

    Use Herbal or Plants Supplements

    It is not a doubt that some plants amazing help in weight loss. Plants like turmeric, ginger, cucumber, lemon, Tea among others are powerful in the reduction of body. And one good news these plants are cheap and healthy. They can be found in the nearby market.
    For example, make a lemon water and drink every day preferably in the morning for about two months, and you will see how your body fat weight is going to be burned.

    Another example I'm going to give here is Red Tea,yes red tea, perhaps we have turned our attention to the numerous dietary products and routine designs with such a broad commitment that we are facing a problem of choice; We should not overlook the credibility of this Red Tea.

    Red tea is simply amazing. It is rooted in perfect scientific principles. The effects of fat cell contraction depend on scientific research and the latest invention of how fat burning relates to stress, proper hormone levels, adequate sleep, nutrition and physiology.

    All five ingredients made of red tea work together in perfect harmony:

    1. Forcing fat cells to open and release harmful toxins that block fat cells.
    2. Reduce stress hormones such as cortisol that block the signals of fat burning in the brain.
    3. Allow free fat to burn for strength and muscle growth.
    4. Stop feeling hungry and craving.
    5. Clean the toxins and fats released from the body.
    Its combination consumes stubborn tissue regions around the body without rigorous routine design or practice. In fact, however, there are no more failures in the diet, no more guilt or remorse. When you drink it regularly and follow the general rules, you can get rid of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds or more quickly.
    You can enjoy this delicious red tea in several delicious ways: hot or iced, such as your favorite protein juice or drink. Remember, when you drink Red Tea drinks, you are never hungry!

    So, instead of following the myths and false expectations, learn how to prepare and drink this delicious plant supplement that helps reduce fat while ensuring precision. In fact, getting rid of red tea has never been easier than it is today to reduce fat cell growth. This means that you can get rid of bad cholesterol fast without using or undergoing hazardous surgeries. And you can lose weight without using or taking any expensive pills, without starving yourself and no intense or rigorous exercises.

    How to Prevent Your Child From Obesity

    Obesity has become a major problem for most Americans, and worse, children are the last victims of obesity. Did you know that about 43% of children in the United States are obese? Okay, this is a touchy development, but it's just a sign that parents should be extra careful to keep their kids from becoming obese. Fortunately, obesity is a manageable condition that prevents you from keeping your doctor's phone number by dialing speed.

    Preventing obesity in childhood Your baby's diets are simply monitored and involved in their physical activity. First, it is important to note that obesity in the diet is mostly a problem. Your child should avoid giving too many sugary or fat foods and always try to give your baby low-cholesterol intake. Your child's diet should include vegetables, whole grains and fruits. You may want to consider offering some dairy products to your baby. Too much food is not healthy for your child, so you should serve it in proportion. Your baby should drink plenty of water for a healthy digestion.

    Second, you may want to encourage your child to do lots of physical activity. While this should not be right, proper physical activity can help boost your child's metabolic rate. Its net effect is that increasing the rate of metabolism will enable your body to burn excess fat, helping your baby maintain a healthy body mass. Some of the recommended physical activities include walking, swimming, roping, playing score or playing football. In short, if you want to keep your baby safe from obesity, just sweat and give the right kind of food recommended above.

    Some parents were so worried about their child's obesity that they were going to seek medical help. Well, obesity is not a disease, it's a condition. Most of these doctors prescribe some weight loss supplements for your baby, and this can be an entirely new discussion about the safety and reliability of weight loss supplements. Some weight loss supplements have been reported that cause some health hazards for the user and may not expose your child to such a national risk. It is recommended to use a natural approach to prevent your child from obesity or to help reduce obesity.

    On the surface, Mom's notes look harmful enough. This statement probably had nothing to do with the fact that both mothers and young women were overweight. However, I couldn't help but wonder: what is that mother who inadvertently teaches her daughter?

    Did you teach her that sweets are a reward for good behavior? Did you know that sweets are a way to relieve difficult feelings? If your child is learning both or both of these messages, you can have a lifelong battle with weight problems based on ineffective relationship with diet.

    How many children who are not related to feeling hungry or feeling full are motivated or forced to eat more than they are? "You can't leave the table without eating everything on your plate." "You have to eat because other children are starving somewhere." "You have some cookies here and you'll feel better." "If you don't eat it, the aunt Jean thinks you don't like cooking it." These national messages are blowing irrational meaning.

    Not surprisingly, overweight individuals maintain an ineffective relationship with food, often because of their belief in the foods they developed during childhood.

    A smart relationship with food is to consider food as a source of nutrients.


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